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By William Sitwell [updated]
Watch out, the food police are on the prowl again – and they’ve got your lunchtime sandwich in their sights.

This time it’s tuna that has got them in a flap. And so effective has their campaign been that Julian Metcalfe, the man behind the Pret A Manger sandwich bar chain, has announced he is banning tuna from his sarnies and sushi boxes.

Such is the market dominance of Pret that other retailers are now expected to follow suit.

His decision was prompted by the hard-hitting documentary The End Of The Line, which its makers hope will do for the world’s oceans what An Inconvenient Truth did for climate change – raising awareness about an imminent ecological crisis.
end of line

The End of the Line is a powerful film about one of the world’s most disturbing problems – over-fishing. Advances in fishing technology mean whole species of wild fish are under threat and the most important stocks we eat are predicted to be in a state of collapse by 2050. The film points the finger at those most to blame, including celebrity chefs, and shows what we can do about it. This is not just a film, it is also a campaign

Ps Film ini akan dirilis tanggal 12 Juni 2009

Mother Earth Salam kenal bagi siapa saja yang mau mampir di beranda bersahaja ini. Bertukar isi hati dan isi otak adalah salah satu proses manusia memanusiakan dirinya. Ada dialog di sana. Dialog yang dituntun oleh tanya demi tanya, karena manusia sepanjang hayat peradabannya adalah makhluk yang belum selesai dengan dirinya. Poin senjang yang banyak diusung berkisar pada kata kunci: MANUSIA, CINTA DAN TUHAN, VEGETARIAN, GLOBAL WARMING. Mengajak siapa saja belajar jujur pada dirinya, ketika hati dan fakta berada dalam satu garis lurus(jujur), maka kejujuran pada dirinya inilah yang akan memaksa manusia berubah. Mungkin inilah hidup yang bertanggung jawab, hidup yang fair. Berusaha memahami cara hidup saat itu juga manusia memahami cara mati

---Chindy Tan---

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DOWNLOAD PDF FILE EATING UP THE WORLD eating up the planet If we want to preserve and restore our environment in Australia, we must make changes to our diet. The food we eat has a major effect on our waterways, the quality of the air we breathe and on the environment around us. Eating fish and other sea life is killing our oceans, agricultural industries are polluting our waterways, and vast areas of land are wasted with the grazing of animals. These practices are unsustainable and the global impacts are being felt more than ever before. By adopting a vegetarian diet you can make a significant contribution towards improving your health as well as that of the planet. Animal industries are eating up the world. It is up to us to save it!

Film Dokumenter Processed People

processed people Free Download Trailer film Processed People. "Sebenarnya kita sedang mengonsumsi sesuatu yang tidak layak disebut makanan” Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP, FABM,IBCLC Asisten Prof Kesehatan Anak UCLA Medical School Film ini merupakan finalis USA Film & MAUI Film Festival di dukung oleh dokter-dokter ahli dari UCLA, John Robbins, Jeffrey Moussaief Masson, dan pakar-pakar lainnya.

sinopsis film Processed People

The statistics are terrifying. Two hundred million Americans are overweight and 100 million are obese. More than 75 million Americans have high blood pressure. 24 million people are diabetic. Heart disease remains the No. 1 cause of death for men and women, followed by stroke and obesity-related cancers. Obesity has overtaken tobacco as the No. 1 cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Over 50% of bankruptcies are caused by what has become known as “medical debt.” Fast food, fast medicine, fast news and fast lives have turned many Americans into a sick, uninformed, indebted, “processed” people.

Film Dokumenter H O M E

Free Download Full Version H O M E Dari penulis buku terlaris di dunia, Earth Above, hadir kembali dengan karya baru yang cemerlang. Home, film dengan judul buku yang sama, menghadirkan gambar-gambar yang menakjubkan. Sebuah ekplorasi wajah Bumi lengkap dengan foto-foto terkenal karya Arthus-Bertrand dilengkapi teks informatif oleh tim Good Planet, sebuah organisasi non-profit yang mempromosikan pemeliharaan lingkungan hidup. Home menghadirkan keindahan Bumi dan mengajak seluruh umat manusia untuk menjaganya dari kehancuran. Film ini ditayangkan secara serentak mulai tanggal 5 Juni-14 Juni 2009 3 benua, lebih dari 50 negara, termasuk Indonesia, ditayangkan gratis lewat televisi, bioskop, internet klik disini . Berkisah tentang Bumi dan evolusi semua makhluk hidup, dan bagaimana manusia yang paling muda umur eksisnya justru merupakan oknum yang paling bertanggung jawab atas kerusakan bahkan kehancuran Bumi. Film ini juga mengupas tentang inefisiensi hasil pertanian untuk memproduksi daging. Arthus-Bertrand berkata, “50 persen hutan yang telah hilang, bukanlah hal yang paling penting, melainkan 50 persen yang masih tersisa”

Sang Buddha Vegetarian?

Jelang Sang Buddha Parinirvana, Makan Babi atau Jamur? Pro dan Kontra apakah Sang Buddha vegetarian dapat dibaca argumentasi dan dasar telaahnya yang diulas oleh Master Roshi Philip Kapleau (pendiri Budhisme Zen di Amerika) dalam buku To Cherish All Life (DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION

Video: Diet For A New America-John Robbins

Free Download: Video(part1-8): Diet For A New America “I think what I really learned in all of this, Was to be true to myself To be true to my inner voice And I began to see, That we really do have the power, Our own lives really do make a difference, Just by being more conscious of the food that we eat. We can heal ourselves; we can heal the environment, We can heal this planet"<a

Free Download Film Dokumenter Super Size Me

(Film Dokumenter Supersize Me, 2004)-Free Download Self Experience dari Morgan Spurlock, 30 hari bersama daging. Juga memaparkan fakta pengaruh makanan terhadap perilaku. Kaitan makanan dengan perilaku juga dibuktikan korelasinya di Central Alternative High School yaitu sekolah tinggi anak-anak yang memiliki perilaku bermasalah. “Kami menyajikan sayur-sayuran dan buah-buahan tanpa bahan pengawet. Semua makanan kami buat tanpa proses pemanggangan dan penggorengan. Di sini kami juga TIDAK MENGENAL DAGING. “Greg Bretthauer-Dekan Applleton Wiscosin-Central High School. “Kami meniadakan mesin soft drink dan junk food. Kami melihat, hal ini MEMBUAT PERUBAHAN YANG BESAR PADA SISWA.” Debra Larson-School Social Worker (Film Dokumenter Supersize Me, 2004)

Slide Show Buku Terbaru Lester Brown: Plan B.3

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    We have two new essays on the progressive and highly-respected Open Democracy site: Why We Must Respect the Rights of All Sentient Animals It’s Time to Consider the Meaning of ‘Animal Welfare’ These essays appear on the Transformation page of the Open Democracy site. We hope that you enjoy these essays and that you will […] Related posts: Spanish and Portugu […]
    Gary L. Francione
    Just out! Available in paperback and Kindle at This book is a call to action. Since the beginning of time, there have been—in total—about 110 billion humans who have lived and died. We kill more nonhuman animals than that every single year. Think about that for a second. Our exploitation of nonhumans represents violence […] Related posts: OUR NEW […]
    Gary L. Francione
  • Veganism: History, Contemporary Views, and Common Objections October 29, 2017
    This brief essay, translated into Spanish, will be included in the new edition of the Diccionario de Filosophía (J. Ferrater Mora): VEGANISM. Veganism, as a matter of diet that may reflect broader ethical concerns, refers to the practice of not consuming meat, fish, dairy, eggs, and other foods, such as honey. Veganism as a general […] Related posts: Animal […]
    Gary L. Francione
  • Guest Essay: Mercy for Animals and Cage-Free Duplicity September 24, 2017
    This is a guest essay written by Linda McKenzie, a long-time Abolitionist advocate. ******* Mercy for Animals and Cage-Free Duplicity Linda McKenzie Part 1 Mercy For Animals (MFA) is a classic example of welfarist organizations that make a habit of talking out of both sides of their mouths, and of saying one thing while doing […] Related posts: Guest Essay: […]
    Gary L. Francione
  • Some Thoughts in Anticipation of the Podcast Discussion to Which Sivarama Swami Has Agreed September 9, 2017
    NOTE: I AM PREPARED TO DO THE PODCAST AT ANYTIME. SIVARAMA SWAMI HAS YET TO AGREE TO A DATE. On September 1, 2017, a Hare Krishna adherent named Sivarama Swami posted a video on Facebook entitled, Can Vegans Consume Milk?. I watched the video and I was disturbed by it. I posted this on the […] Related posts: Some Thoughts for Mother’s Day 2012 Guest Essay: T […]
    Gary L. Francione

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  • Jon Stewart and Wife Tracey Stewart Adopt Horse May 31, 2016
    When Jon Stewart signed off the air a year ago, he talked about his plans for the future, one of which included bringing a Noah’s Ark group of animals to his private sanctuary his runs with his wife Tracey Stewart. One very special horse has been given the opportunity to join the family. A white […]
    Vegetarian Star
  • Chrissy Teigen Failed Vegan Experiment May 31, 2016
    Aside from the occasional trip on the runway, supermodels never fail at anything, right? Chrissy Teigen has partaken in several adventures in her kitchen, many of which are included in her new cookbook, Cravings. The wife of musician John Legend decided to experiment with veganism, but this adventure created more excitement online than in the […]
    Vegetarian Star
  • Mia Evans Is A “Masterchef Junior” Vegetarian Star May 9, 2016
    Any vegetarian chef on a reality cooking show is something to get excited about, but when a 12-year old makes better sauce than most adults do–it’s something worth swearing like Gordon Ramsay. Mia Evans was a contestant on the fourth season of Masterchef Junior, a kids’ spin-off of the adult series on Fox TV. Mia […]
    Vegetarian Star
  • Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Elephants Retire To Sanctuary May 9, 2016
    Activists all over the world are performing tricks way more entertaining than these elephants could. Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus is retiring the remaining elephants that have performed during its shows. The company had originally planned to do this by 2018, but it looks like these lucky pachyderms are getting an early pension! […]
    Vegetarian Star
  • The Passing Of A Vegan Prince April 23, 2016
    It’s a sorrowful week for music lovers and vegans alike, as Prince, one of the greatest masters of funk, R & B, jazz, pop and a mixture of everything else, has passed. The singer left the world at his famous home and recording studio, Paisley Park, in Chanhassen, Minnesota on Thursday, April 21, 2016. He […]
    Vegetarian Star
  • Holly Madison Enjoys Vegan Smoothie From M Cafe In Beverly Hills April 10, 2016
    Holly Madison knows the formula for a healthy pregnancy! The Playboy pinup was spotted with a smoothie from one of Beverly Hill’s popular vegan eateries, M Cafe. Madison is pregnant with her second child with husband Pasquale Rotella. Vegan smoothies are known for containing every good, like non-dairy milks, vitamins and fiber, so the mother-to-be […]
    Vegetarian Star
  • Controversy Over Pro-Vegeterian Curriculum In Schools April 1, 2016
    Parents are outraged at a new curriculum designed to encourage children to eat more vegetarian foods. A group called Veggie Kids of Tomorrow has created a book filled with nothing but images from some of the most popular campaigns from the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The problem with this […]
    Vegetarian Star
  • Ellie Goulding Creates Protein Bar “Everlasting Joy” With GoMacro March 31, 2016
    Ellie Goulding has collaborated with vegan and organic Wisconsin-based company GoMacro to create a protein bar that represents the English singer’s desire for plant-based nutrition and charitable giving. The “Ellie-Inspired” bars contains chocolate chips, coconut and almond butter, a combination Goulding says keeps her energetic for any occasion, whether it’ […]
    Vegetarian Star

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  • Origami August 16, 2012
    Seorang penulis sejarah yang baik tahu bahwa ia seorang penggubah origami. Ia membangun sesuatu, sebuah struktur, dari bahan-bahan yang gampang melayang. Sebab bahan penyusunan sejarah sesungguhnya bagaikan kertas: ingatan. Ingatan tak pernah solid dan stabil; ingatan dengan mudah melayang tertiup. Seperti kertas, ketika ia menampakkan diri di depan kita, se […]
  • Batman August 6, 2012
    Batman tak pernah satu. Maka ia tak berhenti. Apa yang disajikan Christopher Nolan sejak Batman Begins (2005) sampai dengan The Dark Knight Rises (2012) berbeda jauh dari asal-muasalnya, tokoh cerita bergambar karya Bob Kane dan Bill Finger dari tahun 1939. Bahkan tiap film dalam trilogi Nolan sebenarnya tak menampilkan sosok yang sama, meskipun Christian Ba […]

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  • Berbagi Ketidaksempurnaan December 10, 2009
    Kita mungkin tidak akan pernah melupakan satu kisah nyata yang mirip dongeng; tragedi cinta Puteri Diana dan Pangeran Charles. Kematian Sang Puteri begitu mengharu biru dunia. Tercatat dua milyar lebih pasang mata menitikkan air mata pemakaman Sang Puteri. Larut dalam sedih dan kehilangan. Dunia tidak akan melupakan pernikahan megah Putera Mahkota Inggris da […]

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