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Prince Alwaleed, who’s full name is (take a deep breath) Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, is often called the Arabian Warren Buffet.

A member of the Saudi Royal family, Alwaleed is the nephew of the Saudi Arabia King Abdullah, and the grandson of the first Lebanese prime minister after independence Riad as-Solh.

He’s ranked by Forbes as one of the top 25 richest people in the world and amassed his fortune through the stock market and real estate. recently got some insight on how Warren Buffet of Arabia keeps his body as well as his portfolio healthy.

“In 1985 he earned an M.A. with honors in Social Science from Syracuse University. During that time, he recalls, he put on a lot of weight. He’s been extremely health-conscious ever since and is now a strict vegetarian who avoids fatty foods, exercises every day and devotes himself to keeping fit. He is a keen cyclist who makes habit of riding for at least one hour a day, although he concedes to keeping a phone handy for deal making. He also puts swimming, walking and skiing on his agenda whenever possible.”


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by A.R. Spiritual Vegan, Vegan Views 91 (Winter 2001/02)ISLAMIC TEACHING With Specific Reference to Animals

In view of the events of September 11th 2001, it is perhaps a good time to be reminded of the teachings of Islam. The Koran teaches tolerance: “There shall be no compulsion in religion” (The Koran 2.256): “He has kept strict count of all his creatures”. (The Koran 19.88)

Islam speaks of human relationships with animals: “Doing good to beasts is like the doing of good to human beings, a deed of charity, whilst cruelty to animals is forbidden, just like cruelty to human beings” (Mishkat Al Masabih Vol 2)

Muhammad spoke against those who captured young birds and upset the mother bird. He also left his coat on the ground rather than disturb his cat Muezza, who was sleeping on it. Muhammad showed concern for saving animal life.

Every kind of cruelty to animals is forbidden in Islam, as the following Hadiths show. There are scores of laws in Islam where vivisection is outlawed; “Omer reported to the Holy Prophet (SAWS) having condemned those who mutilate any part of an animal’s body while he is alive”. The Holy Prophet (SAWS) forbade the beating or the branding of animals. Once he saw a donkey branded on his face and said: “May Allah condemn the one who branded it”.

Islam, unlike Christianity is strict over cruelty to animals. Islam will not allow animal baiting. The Holy Prophet (SAWS) forbade the setting up of animals to fight each other. Nor would Islam allow blood sports. “The Holy Prophet (SAWS) condemn those who pinion or restrain animals in a way for the purpose of target shooting”. So much so that even an animal being caged is forbidden. The Holy Prophet (SAWS) was asked by His companions is kindness to animals rewarded in the life hereafter. He replied, “Yes, there is a meritorious reward for kindness shown to every living creature”.

Every Muslim is supposed to mould his life according to Quran and Sunnah and, judging by these teachings in Islam, there is no reason that a good Muslim can be anything other than vegan/vegetarian. It should come as no surprise therefore, that the local Mosque has served free food and it was all vegetarian.

Muhammad is quoted as saying, “He who takes pity on a sparrow and spares his life, Allah (God) will be merciful to him on the day of judgement” The Koran (24.36): “Do you not see how Allah is praised by those in heaven and earth? The very birds praise Him as they wing their flight” (also note 24.44)

Muhammad, (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) told his companions many stories about kindness to animals, and spoke of them as God’s creatures, and that they must be treated with kindness and care. He stated: “Even looking after plants and trees is an act of virtue”. Muhammad gave the story of the crying camel. The prophet, finding a camel tied to a post, overworked and underfed, asked of its owner, “Do you not fear Allah because of this camel?”. Allah had given the camel into the man’s care and he had a duty to treat the camel well. The owner of the camel accepted the teaching and declared, “I have done wrong”. He accepted that in future he must look after his camels properly and ensure that they had enough food and water. In another story Muhammad declared: “Who has caused trouble to this sparrow by taking away her young ones?” The stories are there to be read, giving a deeper meaning to life and the world around.

The compassion continues with the story of the ants. During a journey, Muhammad found a man who started a fire and had endangered some ants. Muhammad was very disturbed to see this. Who made this fire?” He asked. “I made the fire, O Messenger of Allah!”, came a reply. “Put out the fire! Put out the fire!” was Muhammad’s teaching.

The thirsty man who climbed down a well to drink found a thirsty dog on his return. This man went back for more water, so the dog could drink. For his kindness, this type of man was shown to go to paradise.

Yet another story is the one about the cruel woman and her cat, which the Prophet told. The cat was not given anything to eat or drink, and was shut out of the house. The poor cat was taken in by a neighbour who would not allow the cat back. However, after promising to look after the cat, the owner was finally allowed to have the cat back again. The owner however, had lied. The story continued until one of Muhammad’s companions cried, “What a terrible thing to do” and “What a very cruel and wicked woman!” Muhammad told his companions that a great sin had been committed because one of Allah’s creatures had been ill-treated. The woman who had treated her cat so cruelly was not forgiven her sins: she was sent to Hell for her wrongdoing.

These are the brief outlines of the Islamic teaching. There is nothing to say that a Muslim may not be a vegetarian or vegan. The message is clear: God rewards kindness to animals but punishes those who are cruel.



The option to be vegetarian has always existed in Islam, whether or not it was actualized at any time or place. The great Sufi Râbi‘ah al-‘Adawîyah of Basrah was an early Muslim vegetarian; so were the famous poet Abû al-‘Alâ’ al-Ma‘arrî and the Ottoman sultan Bayezid II.  In recent times, the renowned Sufi shaykh Bawa Muhaiyaddeen was a notable vegetarian Muslim. Nowadays there are more and more Muslims in different countries choosing to be vegetarian, although they have mostly kept quiet about it.

Sometimes we get negative, hostile, indignant, or incredulous reactions from other Muslims who have never considered the possibility. One common line of attack goes, “You can’t make harâm what Allah has made halâl! That is a sin!” Excuse me, but who ever said anything about making anything harâm? Why even bring that issue into it? Why do they have to think of everything in life in terms of force and compulsion and forbidding? In Islamic law there are more categories than just obligatory and harâm. There are various shadings of desirable and undesirable, and in the middle there is the neutral (al-mubâh). The choice of what halâl food to eat is a neutral one—-it doesn’t have any direct bearing on what is forbidden or obligatory. I’m not making meat “harâm.” I just don’t wish for any, thank you.

Some Muslims will tell you that in Islamic law you are not allowed to refuse to eat meat. This is mere opinion unsupported by any evidence from the sources of the Sharî‘ah. Suppose they establish the “Islamic State,” then how will they enforce this ruling? Hold me down, force my mouth open, and shove kebabs down my throat? Come on, I don’t think so.

Others try to persuade you by saying that the Prophet, peace be upon him, ate meat, so you should too. Well, let’s look closer at that argument. We all know that we should try to emulate the Prophet’s sunnah. And what is more important in the Sunnah: to observe specific details of the Prophet’s personal taste which others may or may not share? Or to abide by the great universal principles of behavior and character that he exemplified?

The Prophet recognized that each person is a unique autonomous individual with his or her own personality. When giving advice to individual Companions, he would specifically tailor the advice according to that person’s own characteristics. He did not enforce any overbearing uniformity on the people. Especially when it came to eating, he recognized that different people have different tastes. And for that matter, not even the Prophet and his Companions ate meat all the time; it was only once in a while that they did, not every day. Some Muslims seem to be under the impression that eating meat is the sixth pillar of Islam or something, but clearly there is no reason for thinking so.

The one overall guideline on food that the Prophet gave was: Eat of what is halâl and what is agreeable to you. That says it all. Within the wide range of halâl food, each individual can choose to eat whatever suits him or her.

If people want to follow the Prophet’s sunnah of eating, consider this: The Prophet ate what he liked and he left aside what he didn’t like. That’s all we vegetarians are doing! Furthermore, he never coerced anyone else into eating what they didn’t like. How about imitating this sunnah?

There was a Bedouin tribe whose custom it was to eat lizards, and the Prophet never forbade them from doing so. But he himself would never eat a lizard. This shows that just because something is “halâl,” that doesn’t require you to eat it if you don’t want to.

The bottom line is: no one has the authority to dictate to you what halâl food you can choose to put into your body. Islamic law is completely neutral on this issue; it is only a private matter for each individual to decide for his or her self.

Moreover, note that the Qur’ân does not simply say to eat halâl meat: it says to eat what is good and wholesome (tayyib), and what is halâl.  Therefore, if any food is not tayyib, the Qur’ân does not encourage us to eat it. Most of the microbes that reside in the gut of a cow and find their way into our food get killed off by the acids in our stomachs, since they originally adapted to live in a neutral-pH environment. But the digestive tract of the modern feedlot cow is closer in acidity to our own, and in this new, manmade environment acid-resistant strains of E. coli have developed that can survive our stomach acids — and go on to kill us. By acidifying a cow’s gut with corn, we have broken down one of our food chain’s barriers to infection. Considering the diseases linked with meat eating (hardening of the arteries, which causes circulatory failure and stroke, in addition to other ills; gout; E. coli infection; and Mad Cow Disease), the hormones artificially put into animals, the filthy conditions of feedlots and slaughterhouses, and the danger of meat going bad, I can only conclude that meat does not pass the test of being tayyib, so Muslims are better off without it.

Mother Earth Salam kenal bagi siapa saja yang mau mampir di beranda bersahaja ini. Bertukar isi hati dan isi otak adalah salah satu proses manusia memanusiakan dirinya. Ada dialog di sana. Dialog yang dituntun oleh tanya demi tanya, karena manusia sepanjang hayat peradabannya adalah makhluk yang belum selesai dengan dirinya. Poin senjang yang banyak diusung berkisar pada kata kunci: MANUSIA, CINTA DAN TUHAN, VEGETARIAN, GLOBAL WARMING. Mengajak siapa saja belajar jujur pada dirinya, ketika hati dan fakta berada dalam satu garis lurus(jujur), maka kejujuran pada dirinya inilah yang akan memaksa manusia berubah. Mungkin inilah hidup yang bertanggung jawab, hidup yang fair. Berusaha memahami cara hidup saat itu juga manusia memahami cara mati

---Chindy Tan---


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DOWNLOAD PDF FILE EATING UP THE WORLD eating up the planet If we want to preserve and restore our environment in Australia, we must make changes to our diet. The food we eat has a major effect on our waterways, the quality of the air we breathe and on the environment around us. Eating fish and other sea life is killing our oceans, agricultural industries are polluting our waterways, and vast areas of land are wasted with the grazing of animals. These practices are unsustainable and the global impacts are being felt more than ever before. By adopting a vegetarian diet you can make a significant contribution towards improving your health as well as that of the planet. Animal industries are eating up the world. It is up to us to save it!

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processed people Free Download Trailer film Processed People. "Sebenarnya kita sedang mengonsumsi sesuatu yang tidak layak disebut makanan” Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP, FABM,IBCLC Asisten Prof Kesehatan Anak UCLA Medical School Film ini merupakan finalis USA Film & MAUI Film Festival di dukung oleh dokter-dokter ahli dari UCLA, John Robbins, Jeffrey Moussaief Masson, dan pakar-pakar lainnya.

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The statistics are terrifying. Two hundred million Americans are overweight and 100 million are obese. More than 75 million Americans have high blood pressure. 24 million people are diabetic. Heart disease remains the No. 1 cause of death for men and women, followed by stroke and obesity-related cancers. Obesity has overtaken tobacco as the No. 1 cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Over 50% of bankruptcies are caused by what has become known as “medical debt.” Fast food, fast medicine, fast news and fast lives have turned many Americans into a sick, uninformed, indebted, “processed” people.

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Free Download: Video(part1-8): Diet For A New America “I think what I really learned in all of this, Was to be true to myself To be true to my inner voice And I began to see, That we really do have the power, Our own lives really do make a difference, Just by being more conscious of the food that we eat. We can heal ourselves; we can heal the environment, We can heal this planet"<a

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Slide Show Buku Terbaru Lester Brown: Plan B.3

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