My Assistant told me, was it meaningful enough if she one self, just only her do disposal waste? She is really eager to know, what ONE can do to make a change. Will it really work? Then, she told me again, in hopeless tone…its uselless.

This big big Question also ever came by and seemingly put a mission impossible when you wanna start do something and you feel only you wanna do that…

Jane Godall said, the greatest danger to our future is apathy. We cannot expect those living in poverty and ignorance to worry about saving the world. For those of us able to read this magazine, it is different. We can do something to preserve our planet. You may overcome, however, by feelings of helplesness. You are just one person in a world of 6 billion. How can your actions make a difference? Best, you say, to leave it to decisions makers. And so you do nothing.

Can we overcome apathy? Yes, but only if we have hope. A-Ha! That’s the key word, IF ONLY WE HAVE HOPE;)

Today Oct 18 2007 12.10, when we had lunch at Milas, friend of mine, Irwan told me that there is someone in Taman Bangirejo, old woman, who consistently creates cotton bag, and give it to her neighbour, with one message,”please leave our plastic bag, use this,” all my thumbs up to this woman, she is the real hero…hero for our own hope, never give up..optimalize our ingenuity. each of us have  given  great talent in solving problem. There is always a way, when we wanna ask and ask then observe each problem, anamnese it then diagnose with multiple choice treatment planning that we can choose, make it plan A to Z;)… The the easiest way in my experience, start from your empathy, that will inspire endless ideas. The real idea A up to Z will come easily, line one by one right in front of etalage mind, then just read it!

Chindy Tan