Irwan said, he ever got a sticker that sound like this,” don’t wait untill the last river, the last tree, bla..bla” He forgot.. I wanna change it with,” what will be the last word come across our mind when the last leaf lay on our hand, that time the last water, the last air fresh, the last living soil left,” When we wake up in one morning and realize that there’s nothing we can do left, Mba Sum last night, Oct 17th 2007, 11.15pm  told me, the first day she came to hometown, Gunung Kidul, she can’t help her tears fall ..coz no water! Her nephew, her sister inlaw, her brother inlaw mudik from many places, gather together in one moment, Fitri Day..but sadly, the children cried for only wind blow from the pipe, no water. Water to take a bath , to wash after pee, wanna wudlu is only a dream. For big business, stool, just dig to buried choice! It’s not easy to touch our own heart, to be awaken. Open the eyes of heart. first, take a walk, go to the nearest river around your house..look at the water…whats the color of  the whole water? Has it diverted already into black color? Does it free from plastic, stool, any kind of garbage?   Think and tell your self honestly, does the river deserve for all of that crime? I call it crime coz it extremely destroy and kill whatever living thing on that river!