Let’s be clear about what we mean by saving the earth.
International Nature Loving Association offer partnership with whomever
 interest in walkway,”think globally act locally”. For this December
 2007 on 18th up to 23rd INLA will collaborate with De Britto Senior High
 School  and Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team-AMURT to campaign local
 action to save the Earth. The theme,”save one second life of earth, set
 up the pattern of our consumption, right now”
in this campaign we will focus on how to ask each student to educate
 themself relate to simple things that contribute co2, air pollution,
 water pollution and soil contamination, in daily scope and individual
 responsibility. Start at ourself. It really have a cost for each cc fuel
 that we save. Each litre of gasoline contribute 2.5kg emission of CO2.
Each ton of garbage contribute 30kg emission of CO2.

So what next? Always go to these recipe: reduce, reuse, recycle and
who wanna put concern over the impact of their emission. We maybe most
 couldn’t go zero carbon but we can eliminate as much as we can. Let’s
 categorize the seven annual things that the most dangeof our
 consumption..home energy use, daily transportation and air travel..
Home energy use
1. Replace light bulbs with CFL’s and u will eliminate as much CO2
 convert in 225kg coal each year(NatGeo,August 2005)
2. For every 10 people who walk instead of drive one mile tripWe can reduce 500pounds of emissions every year.
3. For every 10.000 people who print the majority of their documents in
 “draft mode”printer setting, could reduce the member of discarded ink
 cartridges by 20.000 annually.
4. For every 10.000 people who use only recycled copier paper, we can
 save 12.000 trees
Many more, the point is we focus on the path to stabilization run
 straight through our daily lives, and in every case they will demand
 difficult changes. Though many of us are noble about changing lightbulbs and
 choosing hybrid car but still many people happily travel by jet over the
 world,as air travel is one of the fastest growing carbon emissions. Or
 the prestige of private car. We drive alone. As population grow, with
 the constant birth and death rate plus the same life style, more and
 many more people wanna drive alone. By 2025-2030, the  concentration of
 CO2 will reach the level 550ppm. The temperature raise up to 2 degree
 Celcius. What would happen then? The simple idea, we can learn from Lisa Simpson, the whole part of ‘ice’ cream will be left only as  cream  in 1 degree Celcius. So, imagine what would the earth’s glaciers
 on Antartica and Artic and the other places, Jayawijaya Mount?

The  North Pole maybe seasonally ice free by 2050. The hottest news about this,
 INDONESIA has warned that 2,000 of the 18,000 islands that make up the
 country’s archipelago could be submerged (Newsweek,16-23 April 2007)a
 Soekarno-Hatta air port and  Ancol would be swamped by 2050, state
 Minister Racmat Witoelar(www.theoildrum.com
1995,the water intrusion about 65 km, and now the intrusion comes about
 85 km. We are face to face with Water crisis, right now!
We, human race, the one and the only species who  shake countless
 damage to this only living planet, Earth! Never done by any other species
 before. Dinosaurus lived and went extinct for over billion years, how
 much damage caused by them? Nothing. But take a look with what human
 race done, for only over one point bla,bla years..

Chindy Tan, from many source…